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       Sun Real Estate owner Hans Berie

Sun Real Estate owner Hans Valentin Berie

Sun Real Estate about us

German born and successful businessman and entrepreneur

I have more than 20 years experience in Costa Rica.

I am owner of a restaurant “Cafe Europa” and a bakery “The German Bakery”.
In total I am responsible for 30 employees as well as a fleet of delivery trucks that drive
about 7000 km weekly to deliver goods to 400 clients.

My large circle of clients and friends was ultimately responsible for my professional training as Real Estate Broker, registered with the Board of Real Estate Brokers of

Costa Rica.

The Sun Real Estate office opened in October of 2015 with the idea to offer for sale not many, but unique properties at a fair price. My goal is to pass on the knowledge and experience I have collected for interested newcomers to this area, and to help realize their dreams.

Now I leverage all my business experience in my new venture “Sun Real Estate. I want to operate and express myself in the same extraordinary manner founded on experience, savviness and sense for the occasion as well as trust. To help you with your needs with all my heart and soul.

Therefore, please let me welcome you at Sun Real Estate!

Thank you

Sun Real Estate Philosophy

We LOVE Real Estate
…to give personalized attention
…to offer in-house legal support
…to find a perfect property match

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