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Mountain Region


About our Mountain  region and more

 Mountain region Miravalles

Tenorio & Miravalles Volcanoes Mountain área, Bijagua, Guayabo, Bagaces
Sitting between the regions of Guatuso and Upala de Alajuela the four volcanic peaks and the twin craters are surrounded by lush cloud forest abundant in fauna and savannah covered slopes.

This Mountain Region is located

 an estimated 50 km from Liberia, surrounded by the verdant jungle and primary forest reserves, the Tenorio & Miravalles Volcano area offers pristine natural environment and breathtaking beauty.
Perfect climate – cooler than the beach areas – to settle down and start a new chapter in your lives.
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Mountain region Tilaran, Arenal

The area around the Volcano Arenal is one of the most visited area in Costa Rica.

Lake Arenal is popular for windsurfing, especially during the months from November to April and is now fast becoming a key location for adventures in and around the lake.

Some 4 km from Lake Arenal lies Tilaran a tranquil and friendly town, where everyone knows their neighbor. Situated about 500 m above sea level, the climate is amazing.

If cool and comfortable is your thing, Tilaran is your town.

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